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Have Eaton’s Samsung-built lithium battery cabinets passed UL9540A testing?

Yes. UL9540A is the test method for evaluating the thermal runaway fire propagation in battery energy storage systems. This test is intended to prove that a fire or thermal runaway condition in a single battery module or cabinet will NOT propagate outside of the cabinet to adjacent cabinets or walls. A successful test result gives the AHJ a good level of comfort that battery cabinets may be mounted adjacent or front-to-back with other battery cabinets or the walls of the room. With this test report and the FMEA analysis, the AHJ can waive the cabinet spacing and MAQ requirements for a given installation. The Samsung-built lithium battery cabinets that Eaton offers have passed this test, and the test report is available to be given to the AHJ. Read morehere.