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Why are some of the batteries for the BladeUPS placed outside of the rack on the shipping pallet?

Due to the possibility of the rack being too top heavy, we never ship batteries installed in the top two module positions (5th or 6th units of either the 60kW or 60kW N+1). Instead, batteries are shipped in standard shipping cartons either on the same pallet or on a second pallet. With the new EatonS-Seriesracks, we went to a smaller, squarer pallet, to be easier to maneuver once unloaded from the shipping truck, so those will have those batteries on the second pallet. Configurations using the older Eaton racks will have the top two modules’ batteries located on the pallet alongside the rack. The user guide contains the simple instructions for installing these batteries after the preassembled system has been removed from the pallet and placed into its installed position. The only tool required is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.