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What service options are available for BladeUPS preassembled systems?

Since preassembled systems are shipped with all BladeUPS modules factory installed, there’s no need for onsite installation of the individual modules in the rack. However, many customers like to have factory-authorized service technicians check out their installation and system prior to startup to ensure years of trouble-free operation. If a preassembled system is ordered in conjunction with BladeUPS accessories and onsite installation is desired, Eaton offers a variety of preassembled startup services, as noted in the table below.
Description Catalog number Coverage Number of accessories
Standard Startup, 12-60 kW W2SU06NXXX-0080 5 x 8 0
Standard Startup, 12-60 kW W2SU05NXXX-0080 7 x 24 0
Preassembled Startup Level 1 W2SUPS06NXXX-0080 5 x 8 up to 20
Preassembled Startup Level 1 W2SUPS05NXXX-0080 7 x 24 upt to 20
Preassembled Startup Level 2 W2SUPR06NXXX-0080 5 x 8 up to 40
Preassembled Startup Level 2 W2SUPR05NXXX-0080 7 x 24 up to 40
  • BladeUPS accessories that are eligible for installation include extended battery modules (EBMs),rack power modules(RPMs), maintenance bypass modules (MBMs),power distribution units(PDUs), additionalenclosures,and enclosure accessories such asairflow or cable management. If an item appears on an order with a quantity of one, it counts as one accessory item.
  • The standard assembly andUPS setup services(W2AS00N000-015, W2AS00N000-0080) are not applicable to preassembled systems. However, all other support plans are available. These preassembled startup services exclude the unpacking of the preassembled system itself, which must already be in its installed position, with power applied.
  • For system installations with more than 40 accessory items, please contact Eaton service.