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What serial number do I provide when calling for warranty or other services/support on a BladeUPS preassembled system?

Do I need to buy an Eaton rack for the BladeUPS?

Do i need to get a communication card for every BladeUPS power module?

If I’m remotely monitoring the BladeUPS system, will the system serial number be visible via my remote connection?

Do the BladeUPS require start-up?

Are modular UPS models more expensive?

What type of UPS topology does BladeUPS offer?

Does the BladeUPS ship with batteries installed?

How many EBMs can be added to the BladeUPS?

What type of warranty comes with the BladeUPS?

Where can I find Eaton BladeUPS drawings?

Is the Eaton BladeUPS a three-phase UPS system?

Where is the BladeUPS system manufactured?

What is the kVA and kW rating of each BladeUPS module?

How much rack space does one BladeUPS occupy?

Is BladeUPS available for international voltages and frequencies?

Does the BladeUPS system ship fully configured?

What is the efficiency of the BladeUPS system?

How does the BladeUPS system obtain a high level of efficiency during normal operation?

Can a BladeUPS be paired with a generator?

Does the BladeUPS system work well with data center or IT applications?

Does the BladeUPS protect against transients from the power company?

If I have noise on the utility input, will that be seen on the output of the BladeUPS?

Will the BladeUPS system still provide protection if the generator frequency gets erratic?

Do I need an external maintenance bypass for the BladeUPS?

What racks do the preassembled BladeUPS systems come in?

What power configurations are the preassembled BladeUPS available in?

If I install the 4 high (48kW) bus bar with my BladeUPS today and for some unforeseen reason I need to expand to 60kW (N+1) in the future, can the system be modified to do that?

Do you provide cabling for other BladeUPS accessories?

Are preassembled BladeUPS systems available for installations without a raised floor?

If I order a preassembled BladeUPS system with bottom cable entry, then I need to switch it to top cable entry, can I do that?

Why are some of the batteries for the BladeUPS placed outside of the rack on the shipping pallet?

Do communication cards come installed and tested on a preassembled BladeUPS systems?

Do preassembled BladeUPS systems include factory installation of BladeUPS accessories such as EBMs, RPMs and MBMs?

What service options are available for BladeUPS preassembled systems?

Are the 400V BladeUPS products available in the preassembled configuration?

Are other rack options available for BladeUPS preassembled systems?

Can preassembled BladeUPS systems ship internationally?

What is the lead-time for BladeUPS preassembled systems?