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Do I need an external maintenance bypass for the BladeUPS?

No. Every BladeUPS base chassis includes an automated maintenance bypassing mechanism.

  • In a single BladeUPS system, the mechanical maintenance bypass automatically actuates if hot-swappable electronics or battery modules are removed. This feature ensures that power to protected loads is not accidentally interrupted by human error.
  • In a multi-module parallel configuration, the system first determines if it is operating in redundancy or capacity mode.
    • If BladeUPS modules have been paralleled for redundancy, removing an electronics or battery module will not force a transfer to maintenance mode. Only the UPS unit being serviced goes offline, while its load is automatically transferred to other units in the configuration.
    • If BladeUPS modules have been paralleled for capacity, and maintenance activities could potentially cause an overload condition on other modules, removing a module or taking a unit offline would trigger an automatic transfer to maintenance bypass.