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Should I install a rackmount or a tower UPS?

Let’s talk form factors! Form factors refer to the shape orientation of the UPS and how it is installed. Most UPSs fall into one of two form factor categories: mounted or tower.

Mounted UPSs can be installed in a server rack or a wall. These are usually single-phase, but Eaton offers some rackmount UPSs –BladeUPSEaton 9PX and Eaton 9PXM–that are three-phase or split-phase UPSs. A rackmounted UPS is ideal for organizations looking to save space by consolidating equipment in a rack or enclosure or utilizing traditionally under-utilized wall space.

A tower, or freestanding, form factor are available for UPSs in nearly every size. From small SOHO UPSs up to data center UPSs that are too large to fit in a rack, the tower form factor is a popular way to save rack enclosure space or deploy single UPSs for a decentralized power protection architecture.