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Lithium ion

How long do we expect lithium ion batteries to last in a UPS application?

What are lead times for Eaton lithium-ion UPS batteries?

What is the vendor’s warranty for Eaton lithium-ion batteries?

Which vendors do we offer for Eaton’s lithium-ion UPS battery?

Are there different recharge rates between lithium-ion and VRLA batteries?

I like the benefits of lithium-ion but how do I make sure it’s the right investment for me?

Will there be any benefits in size/footprint when compared to lead-acid batteries?

What is the single-phase lithium-ion UPS warranty?

Does Eaton see lithium-ion fully replacing traditional VRLA batteries?

How long can lithium-ion batteries be stored without recharging?

Can Eaton lithium-ion UPS batteries be recycled?

How are Eaton lithium-ion batteries shipped? Can they be air shipped?

Can we supply copies of each vendor’s warranty document for Eaton lithium-ion batteries?

What is a performance warranty for Eaton lithium ion batteries?

For Eaton lithium-ion batteries, how is thermal runaway detected and mitigated?

What are the major differences between each manufacturer’s lithium-ion batteries?

Which Eaton three-phase UPS products can use lithium-ion batteries?

Are lithium-ion batteries more expensive?

Are we looking at additional vendors for lithium-ion products?

Are Eaton lithium-ion batteries safe?

Are there small office/rackmount lithium UPS solutions available now on the market?

Do lithium batteries pose a higher fire risk than VRLA batteries?

Have Eaton’s Samsung-built lithium battery cabinets passed UL9540A testing?

Have Eaton lithium-ion UPSs experienced any battery failures or fires?

What is the shelf life of lithium-ion batteries before they need to be checked or charged?

Do lithium batteries work with Eaton ABM?

Can lithium be mixed with other types of batteries (for example, VRLA)?

Is there any difference between sizing a lithium-ion battery compared to VRLA or NiCd technology?

What are the recommended testing protocols to include in 3rd party commissioning of a lithium-ion UPS battery system?

What are the benefits of switching to lithium-ion UPS batteries?

What can a UPS system do with the addition of lithium-ion batteries?

Do lithium-ion batteries have recycling and/or disposal issues?