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What are the major differences between each manufacturer’s lithium-ion batteries?

  1. Capacity (kWh) 32.6 for Samsung 128S, 34.6 for the 136S and 28 for a double string from LG
  2. LG offers 2 strings, 14 kWh each, in a single cabinet, allowing for single string configurations which works nicely with UPS products rated less than 100 kW
  3. Samsung has been evaluated to Seismic Zone 3 for the original (white) cabinet, and Zone 4 for the UL9540A (Black) cabinet.
  4. LG has been evaluated to Seismic Zone 4
  5. Samsung requires a 3 phase 400-480Vac power source, ‘Ups protected’ for the BMS. UL9540A (Black) cabinets should be selected with a 1-phase 120/240VAC protected power source for use with a 208VAC UPS.
  6. LG Chem requires 1x 120-240Vac single phase ‘UPS protected’ power source for the BMS