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How are Eaton lithium-ion batteries shipped? Can they be air shipped?

We will ship battery cabinet systems by ground. Individual replacement batteries may be air shipped. Refrigerated ground shipment is not required for either vendor. Shipments must be in accordance with UN38.3 requirements. All shippers must be trained on Class 9 shipment of hazardous goods. These requirements involve specific packaging, labeling of said packaging, and accompanying paperwork. Trucker and the truck must be certified with proper signage. Batteries for air shipment must not exceed 30% state of charge (SoC). We will ship all lithium batteries at 30% SoC, whether ground or air shipment. It will require about 4 hours of charge time to bring the newly replaced battery up to full charge. Battery cabinet systems are shipped disassembled. All assembly and startup/commissioning activities are included in our pricing.