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For rack PDUs, how do I know which type of circuit protection I need?

Standard electrical protection requirements for PDUs are 5kAIC breakers. This meets both NEC (National Electrical Code) and UL requirements. For higher fault current applications, the HD platform also has configurable 10kAIC breaker and 100KAIC fuse options. Fault currents are calculated by site engineers, so if your environment requires a non-standard or higher rated level of protection the engineer will make you aware. The risk of using under-rated circuit breakers can result in personnel or equipment damage. The fuse option uses Eaton’s patented fuse disconnect, which integrates a disconnect switch with the fuse holder, removing the need to unplug the PDU to replace fuses. Fuses have the added advantage of being current limiting. Not only can they withstand higher fault currents, but they also reduce the let through current.