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What are the extended battery module (EBM) options for the 5PX G2 UPS?

You can add up to 4 EBMs for extra runtime for both rackmount and tower 5PX G2 UPS configurations.

EBM options:

  • 5PXEBM48RTG2-  Extended battery module for 5PX1000RTG2, 5PX1000RTNG2, 5PX1500RTG2, 5PX1500RTNG2, 5PX1500HRTG2
  • 5PXEBM72RTG2-  Extended battery module for 5PX2000RTG2, 5PX2000RTNG2, 5PX2200HRTG2, 5PX3000RTG2, 5PX3000RTNG2, 5PX3000HRTG2, 5PX3000HRTNG2
  • 5PXEBM72RT3UAG2-  Extended battery module for 5PX2000RT3UNG2, 5PX3000RT3UNG2
Extension cable options:
  • EBMCBL48RT- 5PX G2 2M EBM extension cable for 48V EMBs (use with 1–1.5 kVA models)
  • EBMCBL72-  5PX G2 2M EBM extension cable for 72V EMBs (use with 2–3 kVA models)