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How can I prioritize which equipment runs for how long on battery when the 5PX G2 UPS goes to battery?

There are several load management and energy saving features built into Eaton products, including the 5PX G2.

Load segments– These are outlet groups that are controllable and programmable through the front LCD menu or network card (NETWORK-M2,INDGW-M2). Segments can be programmed to turn off after a certain amount of time on battery, saving runtime for more critical equipment. Timing is manually programmed through the network card (NETWORK-M2,INDGW-M2). Additionally, load segments are often used to quickly cycle the power of a remote server or switch that is stuck, eliminating the need for a service call.

Virtual machine (VM) management – For applications with servers and virtualization, Eaton can shutdown VMs through IPM 2 software or even move VMs to other locations. This works much like load segmentation but is done virtually through the network. Read more for more about virtual machine shutdown through IPM 2.