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What are some of the common issues I could see when installing PredictPulse?

  • SMTP relay not configured properly to allow outbound email outside of customer network.
  • Customer network not available, misconfigured, or proper information not available. (Example(s) – Ethernet cable not available or Ethernet port on switch not configured properly or available).
  • Wireless communications (no signal) not available to complete registration/installation if using ‘Hotspot’ for customer.
  • Proper customer IT resources not available to assist with network issues.
  • Incorrect firmware on connectivity card.

Please note,  if the minimum network card firmware requirement is not met, customers can self-install network card firmware updates by performing the following:

  • Navigate to
  • Scroll down and select your appropriate connectivity card, Eaton Power Xpert Gateway UPS X-Slot Card or Power Xpert Gateway Mini-slot UPS Card (93PM units)
  • Select Resources in the gray banner.
  • Scroll down and expand Software, firmware, and applications.
  • Select the firmware and change history file.
  • Once the firmware has been saved, upload it to your connectivity card under the Firmware option of the Configuration menu found in the card interface. 

If assistance is needed, the Eaton Connectivity team can remotely walk you through this process. The Connectivity team can be reached Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm est at 800-843-9433, option 2, option 5. The process typically takes about 30 minutes per device