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What is TANlock by Eaton?

TANlock by Eaton is the ideal modular access control system (MACS) for IT rack enclosures, providing the extra security required. Eaton has partnered with best-in-class lock manufacturer, Fath Mechatronics, to deliver the most versatile MACS in the market by offering seven different authentication technologies to meet a wide variety of requirements. With two smart lock models available, TANlock by Eaton gives you the options to effectively secure your rack enclosures.

Here are some benefits to this accessory: 

Save time

  • Get up and running quickly with active directory, LDAP and RESTful API support

Save money

  • Use your existing rack by retrofitting to any enclosure with standard universal door cutouts
  • Modular design allows you to update access requirements as requirements change without replacing the lock

Reduce risk

  • Keep unwanted guests out of your enclosure with two-factor authentication options
  • Monitor and manage access credential logins to provide access to specific individuals